Different Types Of Cavities Affecting Your Teeth

Different Types Of Cavities Affecting Your Teeth

Teeth are the amazing gift of God that helps us to enjoy different kinds of delicious food. It enhances our smile and facial looks. These beautiful oral pearls require special care so that you can enjoy them for the lifetime. You need to do complete oral care for enjoying your liked food without any pain in the gums, teeth, jaws, as all are interrelated. We are taught to brush regularly in a proper way to keep our teeth white and sparkling.

Along with bushing, you should know when to go to a dentist for dental treatments to avoid any major dental problem. Cavities can destroy the stunning look of your teeth. So, understand the different types of cavities.

When the plague is not cleaned properly from the teeth even after consistent brushing and oral care routine, it means that your teeth are developing cavities. It is the time to visit a reliable and efficient dentist to resolve the problem of cavities, gums and other oral diseases.

Your dentist can help you understand the different types of cavities. They have understanding and high-tech dental equipment to examine and provide you the best possible solutions for your problems.

There are three types of cavities that can affect your oral health are as follows -

Pit and fissure decay – This type of festering arises on the chewing area of the back teeth. It can be barred with proper tooth brushing. But, if you are not taking it seriously and not paying attention to your routine oral hygiene the decay can become severe in some time.

Root decay – Root decay mostly common among the older people. Such people are more likely to have withdrawing gums. It transpires on the exterior of the roots of the teeth.

Smooth-surface decay – Smooth surface decay crop up on the exterior flat area of the teeth when the bacteria are not isolated and plaque starts building up. It is not so serious dental problem and can be easily treated with fluoride. The dental hygienist suggests regular and appropriate dental flossing as it can help you overcome this kind of decay.

If you think you are budding cavities, do not evade cleaning your teeth regularly. Do not avoid the sensitive areas while flossing and brushing even if you feel pain. Use soft floss and a toothbrush with soft bristles with warm water to get relief from pain. And, do consult with the professional dentists to know the best treatment to retain your beautiful smile with suitable oral care and dental treatments.