Diamonds Seduction


The structure of the diamond is due to various kinds of connection linking adjoining atoms to create various kinds forms of crystalline. In a diamond, every carbon atom is connected to other four kinds of carbon atoms in the form of tetrahedral such as a pyramid. Generally, every bonding consists of the identical length and the form of tetrahedral formation is perfect. It is the power and reliability of this connection which creates the diamond to be the hardest, non-volatile and challenging to chemical attack which is certainly one of the hardest material available on the earth.

Nevertheless, diamond is considered as one of the best and admired gemstone all over the world. Possibly, it is one of the supreme luster which a fiery piece of the diamond produce making it priceless. Certainly, all the credit goes to large scale mining as well as the growth of capable procedures and equipment cutting, however, diamonds has nowadays develop into a costumer lavishness reasonable to the masses. Moreover, there are several causes which permit a wearer to possess and bear a diamond. Previously, diamonds were worn due to the attacks that was often caused by invaders, whereas women assumed it to be very difficult to preserve it and also all over the world.
There were uncountable assault and cases of rapes, making women instantly either to gulp the diamond entirely or crushed into a powder form which was protected in their principally intended rings. Diamond being considered as one of the hardest material, can simply cut diagonally the soft veins and arteries with the help of gullet, thus, comprising into timely deaths.

Diamonds were even utilized for sexual purposes too. If the pure diamond still exists then it is colorless. There are several diamonds that are slightly colored, though if the coloring is hardly noticeable. Common color of the diamond is yellow which is through minute amounts of nitrogen present in the formation of crystal. There are even kinds like gray, light brown or greenish. Diamonds can be of any color, but powerfully colored beautiful samples are rarely found and for the purpose of astrological, it is convenient to opt for a lighter shade in case if an individual is incapable to lend his hands on a transparent one. Though, there are also diamonds which are found in various shades of pink, blue and green, but the colorless selection remains the same to be admired by all.

There are various kinds of stones similar to diamonds, but are not diamonds. Any kind of stone which is similar to a diamond is known as diamond stimulant. Natural or synthetic white sapphire, glass, colorless quartz as a crystal rock, equally natural and synthetic, cubic zirconia as well as presently the moissanite, all replicate diamond to a superior or lesser quantity. There are even individual’s who assume that diamonds will never match them. However, there are also few for which it doesn’t matter what is being worn though has to be a clear diamond. If it so happens that the rock is going to be an affordable one, then expire the thought, certainly as it is not been considered as diamonds are girl’s friend and though the friends are dearer, so are the diamonds!