Diamonds are Rare

Diamonds have been found as gemstones since from the ancient times. Nevertheless, the popularity of these diamonds has gained its importance since from 19th century due to its successful advertisement done in spite of the increase in its supply. Usually, diamonds are utilized as a mainline accumulation of its value during crisis due to the shortage of fungibility as well as low liquidity. Whatsoever, it may still be very useful during hyperinflation.

At times when one passes through the jewelry store while watching various diamonds in several different settings which are meant for sale, then it really makes complicated to assume that diamonds are rare . There are many individual’s who do not even consider how that particular diamond is appearing in the case of a jeweler. Nevertheless, there are some of the efforts being implemented before actually exposing it for sale to the public.

From each of the one million diamonds that are mined only one of the diamonds would be found which will be one carat quality diamond . Moreover, in order to find a two carat diamond then nearly four million diamonds has to be mined. Other than this, more than two hundred tons of ore must be mined to discover one small stone. Also more than 80% of the diamonds which are mined can be better for the utilization in the industries known as diamond drill bits.

Make sure when you visit your nearby local jewelry store ask for one carat diamonds. So, see the diamond with a new pleasure considering it as one in a million.