10 Excellent Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

Getting engaged with the person you love the most is the best feeling. This make you feel extremely blissful. Almost every man wants to give an out-of-the-world ring to his beloved. Engagement ring is the token of commitment and love and therefore, it is unique and special for every couple. Finding the best and unique diamond cut ring is like picking a single chocolate in a big chocolate shop. Before you start searching the elegant and out-of-the-world ring for your darling, know some essential basics of ring shapes and cuts. This can help you in getting exactly what touches her heart.

Every shape and cut defines a unique statement and characteristic. From emerald to princess, different rings with distinct diamond cuts are easily accessible in the market. Some outstanding cuts are as follows –

Round shape cut diamond -
Round cut is the most common and liked one. It is usually superior to fancy shapes at the accurate reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.

Oval cut diamond –
It is a modified brilliant cut diamond with elongated shape that crafts an illusion of larger size. It is preferred by many people for their diamond engagement rings.

Princess cut diamond –
It is the second most preferred and popular square cut perfect for engagement rings. It is next to a round gleaming that can make any girl feel like princesses.

Emerald cut diamond –
The sole appearance of the emerald cut diamond is due to the step cuts of its pavilion and its big, open table. Rather than the glitter of a brilliant-cut, emerald cut diamonds create a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interaction of dark and light planes. Often, enclosures or body color are simpler to view in an emerald cut diamond.

Asscher cut diamond –
This marvelously unique shape is nearly matching to the emerald-cut, apart from that it is square. This shape has a marquee that is cut with rectangular facets in the similar style as the emerald-cut. It comes with a higher crown, a smaller table and larger step facets. Such elegant blend often generates more brilliance than the emerald cut.

Marquise cut diamond –
Marquise diamond is a great option when wanting to maximize carat weight. It offers a much larger-looking diamond that makes your finger look slender and long. It enhances the appearance of your hand. You can make your diamond engagement ring look more stunning by combining it with beautiful set with pear or round-shaped side stones.

Pear shaped cut diamond –
This cut can be said as a combination of marquise and round shape, with a pointed tip on one end. Idyllically, a pear shaped diamond should hold outstanding or superior symmetry. It looks great.

Cushion cut diamond –
As the name implies, cushion cut is very much similar to a pillow. It combines rounded corners with square cut. It is popular from centuries and loved by many people worldwide.

Heart shaped cut diamond –
Heart is the ultimate symbol of love and affection. Heart shaped cut diamond resembles its name. These look more stunning in pendants.

Radiant cut diamond –
Radiant cut diamond has trimmed corners making it appealing to eyes. This modified square shape is a fine viaduct between a princess and cushion cut. Its appeal can be enhanced with a set of squared or round corner diamonds.

Thus, choose your liked diamond cut for the engagement rings to impress your beloved and make the day memorable for lifetime.