Designer Cut Diamond Rings

Today people customize their own diamond Engagement rings . If you wish to design your own ring there are some facts you need to know. Diamond cut does not refer to the shape of diamond instead it implies the width, depth and uniformity of different sides that control the brilliance and clarity of the stone. It is the cut of a diamond that makes it sparkle and dazzle. Only a big clear white stone will not be impressive until it has its brilliance or it’s properly cut.

The most popular diamond cuts are emerald cut diamonds, round cut diamonds and even oval cut diamonds. The round cut diamonds are the most expensive ones and they dazzle the most and they make unique Designer engagement rings as they look the best as solitaire rings. It is the round cut diamond that look the best practically on any hand and finger. Again, there are oval cut diamonds too and these are quite similar to the round cut ones. It depends on personal taste and preference as to which is the best shape for the oval cut diamonds. However, it is the emerald cut diamond rings that are least expensive and they cost lesser than the otherwise round cut diamond rings.

Today, diamond ring designers with the help of laser cutting technology and computer-aided designing can create trendy rings for fashionable wear at affordable costs especially through these emerald cut diamonds.