Four Eternally Beautiful Wedding Bands

Engagement ring has always been the focal point but selecting a beautiful wedding band is equally essential. Your wedding band can either show up your existing sparkle or be an individual statement making piece. Both of these completely depend on your style and preference. To help you shortlist the eternally beautiful wedding bands , we have compiled four of the most popular styles.

1. Pave band
In this encrusted band the diamonds are set into the metal in no specific pattern. It matches with engagement rings that have a cushion cut solitaire with pave halo setting or pave band. It is most suitable for brides who like the shine and sparkle of a diamond band without the look of prongs.

2. Metal band
This is a classic metal band crafted from platinum and has no gemstones. Platinum is the most popular metal used in wedding bands and engagement ring. It develops beautiful gloss with age and is the shiniest metal. Stainless steel and titanium are the alternate metals that can also be used.

This type of wedding band matches with engagement ring of any style. It is best for active ladies who have no time to take off their rings before doing any rough work.

3. Anniversary Band
In anniversary bands, the diamonds go halfway around the ring. It matches with all type of engagement rings . To give the set a consistent feel, ensure that the settings are the same. They are best for brides who prefer the everlasting look of an eternity band but do not like the bulky diamonds sideways and around the finger.

4. Eternity band
It is a peculiar type of band which symbolizes lifelong commitment and is characterized by identically sized diamonds which go around the entire ring. Two general styles of eternity bands are prong setting and channel setting. In the prong setting, two stones that sit beside each other share a prong. The diamond thus gets exposed from the top and the sides which makes it sparkling. Whereas in the channel set eternity band, the diamonds lay side by side within a metal channel.

You can set eternity bands in multiple ways, from round cut to emerald cut. This band complements with classic engagement ring and channel set engagement rings. With plethora of options available, eternity bands have something for everybody. These bands are capable of making a statement of their own and are a good choice for brides who prefer wearing wedding bands alone.