Beautiful 1 Ct Engagement Ring Says I Love You

We also know that the value of a diamond depends on various factors. Cut, clarity, color, carat, are the four C’s that decides the value of the diamond. If value of any of these changes, the prize of the diamond is changed. All these factors are a lot responsible in the decision-making process of individuals while buying diamond rings.

Many couple finds a 1-carat diamond as a perfect diamond, hence, they prefer 1 ct engagement ring as the perfect gift for their beloved. The choice of diamonds varies from person to person and the options of diamonds are endless. Whatever diamond, size, cut, color, etc. you want are available.

In general, one carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams or 1/5 gram. Look wise, it is not essential that the diamond appears same as per its weight. Some people consider that 1ct diamond looks bigger than a .98ct diamond, but it is not same in every case.

Diamonds having better cut grade appears brighter and bigger as these reflect an optimal amount of light. In certain settings like halo or three stone setting, the center stone diamond looks bigger and sparkles more in your hand.

Experts design different types of beautiful 1 ct engagement rings . The design ranges from small and dainty to elegant and elaborate designs.

A 1ct engagement ring can be made of several small stones. While buying such a ring you need to consider that the weight of all the used diamonds is equal to one carat or more. It is quite possible in some designer rings other than the center stone, rest diamonds are of different carats to bring a stunningly unique look.

In these rings, different metals are also used like yellow gold, platinum, white gold, etc as per the purity factors. In addition to gold, sterling silver is also used. Diamond studded band can also be your perfect 1ct engagement ring. Bands with some sleek and loveable designs are available with numerous diamonds that weights 1ct together.

Therefore, whatever you likings are, you can get a wonderful 1 ct engagement ring meeting your likings, and Say I love you in a different way to your beloved with the elegant 1 ct engagement ring.