5 Different Settings For Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The different styles and diamond cuts have offered great choice and selection to individuals while buying engagement rings. One of the most preferred and stunning diamond cut is oval cut. Many people like to buy Oval cut engagement rings .

Oval cut diamond looks stunning as the round one and creates an illusion of superior size than the true size of the diamond. Some of the ring settings that go well with the oval cut are –

It does not have sharp edges and, therefore, there is no fear of easy damage or chipping to stone. In addition, a symmetrical or even oval stone can be quite flexible that can be set in different settings:

Bezel setting -
If you want maximum safety for your precious stone, bezel setting is a good option. in this setting the stone is covered by a boundary providing complete safety to the stone. You can wear it daily without worrying about damage or losing the diamond.

Prong setting -
Prong setting seems stunning on oval shaped diamond. It also protects the diamond from falling out.

Side stone setting –
If you want to add sparkle to the center stone and are having sufficient budgets, you can go for the side stone setting. Adding beautiful small round shaped diamonds on both sides will highlight your center stone making the ring more dazzling. However, do not use big stones as thigh might reduce the effect of center stone. You can also go for colored gemstones on the either sides for a touch of elegance and personalization.

Uniqueness and sparkle –
Oval cut engagement ring has some special and unique sparkle in it similar to the round brilliant cut diamond. You can enjoy its special fire and brilliance when wearing in the correct setting.

Slender your finger –
For the people having small fingers, oval cut diamond engagement ring is best as brings a slender look to your hands and spread the glitter nicely.