5 Things Not To Do With Your Jewelry

Jewelry has always been an inevitable part of a female’s attire. Everyone adores jewelry and especially diamond jewelry. Diamonds also known as a girl’s best friend are desired by all. Be it the engagement ring or diamond earrings, everyone loves flaunting their piece of jewelry. Similar to other things, your jewelry should also be handled with care.

Following is the list of things you should not do with your jewelry:

1. Do not keep your jewelry in open
Your jewelry is precious and should be kept securely. Apart from being precious it has emotions attached to it. We get engagement ring once and we need to keep it safe forever. If you keep your jewelry in open, chances are it might get lost or someone might steal it. You should have a safe locker where you can safely keep all your jewelry. This place should not be disclosed to everyone.

2. Do not wear your jewelry all the time
Jewelry has lot of sentiments attached to it. Whether it’s our engagement ring or childhood chain, we tend to wear it daily. It’s alright to wear jewelry daily but you need to make sure it is not worn while sleeping and while taking shower. Also try to avoid wearing it while washing dishes and cleaning. Even when you go for swimming make sure you remove all your jewelry.

3. Do not keep your jewelry at different places
Select a specific place to store jewelry. If you switch this place often, there are chances you might forget where exactly have you kept your jewelry. Jewelry is precious and we surely don’t want to lose it. So instead of keeping it randomly at different places, just store it at one single place which you won’t forget. Have a designated spot for your jewelry which is secured and safe.

4. Do not submerge your jewelry in cleaner for too long
When you try cleaning jewelry do not submerge it in cleaner for too long. Prolonged exposure in a tarnish remover can turn silver jewelry to black color. Exposing gold jewelry to tarnish can also wear the gold over time.

5. Do not take ring off by pressing the stone
While taking off your ring you need to make sure you don’t hold it by diamond. Hold it from the sides of the shank and take it off. When the ring is tight people have the tendency to remove it by pressing with one finger on the top of the stone and other on the bottom of the ring. Over the time this will loosen the stone.