Diamond Engagement Ring Buying guide Precious Metals

Getting engaged is one of the most important and momentous occasion in your life. Therefore suitable and stunning Engagement Ring with right selection of metal can have an everlasting value. Silver, platinum, gold and palladium are various popular metals which are most in demand preserving its shine for life long which are as follows:


Platinum is one of the most precious metals which are exceptionally identified for its durability. Other metals are scratched or polished and a tiny bit of metal is lost but that is not possible with platinum. A scratch in platinum may leave a mark on the metal, but as this metal is so strong that it will not easily chip or splinter. For that reason, we set all loose diamonds in safe, secure, platinum prongs. The majority of platinum jewelry is 95 percent pure platinum combined with 5 percent iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys. For guaranteed quality in platinum, look for the marks 950 Plat or Plat. The value of platinum will never diminish and hence it is a best investment option to present it to the person whom you love with all its magnificence and excellence.


The color of gold is metallic yellow considered to be one of the precious and expensive metal as it is more ductile and malleable.  Gold is weighted in terms of “carat” or “karats”. Carat helps in estimating the quantity of gold present within a piece, for eg 24k being a pure form and valuable  resulting in 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k following the quantity of several other metals alloyed to harden it diminishing the value with lesser percentage of gold.  Nevertheless, pure gold having its absolute softness and malleability components it is difficult in molding jewelry as it gives chances of heavy wear and tear. In order to make the jewelry the gold is hardened by alloying with other metals which combine to create a more practical and durable so that diamonds or stones can be fixed into it. Hence, with the help of these several alloys the color of gold such as white gold, yellow gold or rose gold is gained. From these white gold and yellow gold are the most familiar colors of gold. There are several other types of gold that are sold in the market like green gold, grey gold, purple gold and many others. However, the color of gold is not related with the value of gold.

Since ancient times gold is being utilized as treasure holding wealth in metal other than paper opposing for inflation or crisis.


Silver being a white metallic luster is considered as precious metals determining the wealth and status. However, silver is much cheaper compared to gold still it has made its existence in fashion world with superior creative jewelry with many other productive articles. Silver is usually preferred for shinier and brighter look which is sometimes plated with the help of rhodium and gold which further can be used as an option to rhodium or gold. Whereas pure silver is soft metal, harder than gold but it is alloyed with various other metals such as copper in order to make it stronger that can be utilized in jewelry and many other articles.

In many countries sterling silver is familiar consisting of 92.5%silver and 7.5%copper. These silver made jewelries is suitable for casual or party wear making it appear more stunning and elegant which guarantees any onlookers attention.


Palladium is rare and lustrous silvery-white metal. The purity of this metal is 95% - 100% without any mixing or man-made. Though platinum and palladium metal posses almost the same kind of chemical properties symbolizing purity and lustrous white in appeal, it has the lowest dense and melting point. It is cost-effective which only half the rate of gold and hypoallergenic is. This metal creates amazing and attractive jewelry which is optional to white gold and platinum that is suitable to any type of skin (sensitive or irritable). Without any requirement of rhodium plate is able to maintain its white luster forever.