5 Reasons Your SEO Ranking Dropped

5 Reasons Your SEO Ranking Dropped

Every company needs SEO to appear on the first page of Google search. If you follow the correct SEO practices you get the results. But just because your website ranked higher at one time does not mean it will remain the same throughout. Fluctuations in ranking can occur and it’s not a very grave concern. More than anything else you need to know the reasons for those fluctuations. It is essential for you to figure out what went wrong and how you will fix the issue to regain the top ranking.

You can consider the following points when your SEO rank drops:

1. Bad Hosting

If recently your company has switched to a poor-quality hosting service, or a service that isn’t offering users pages that load quickly, then you are sure to witness a drop in your website ranking. The major solution to this is to make sure that your website visitors have a pleasurable and quick experience on your website. You need to ensure that you have a great host. Don’t be cheap in paying for your website. Always prefer the one that is close to your local visitors.

2. Incorrect robots.txt files

A small mistake in the robot.txt file can lead to complete ignorance of your website pages by the search engines. A tiny mistake is more than enough to decrease your traffic to a great extent. You should always be cautious with robots.txt file and cross check for any typing errors. In case you are not sure about it, it’s better to hire a professional to deal with your website.

3. Be ahead of your Competitors

SEO rankings unfortunately, could be seen as a zero-sum game. It is natural that for a certain keyword if your competitor’s ranking improves then some other website’s rank is going to be affected. For this reason content marketing and SEO services are never-ending concept rather than one time duty. Your competitors will be continuously improving their pages, so your website will never be completely optimized. Continuous effort is the key to stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Get High Quality Links

Many companies in the past have made the mistake of purchasing backlinks in a large quantity for their website at a very low cost. The new update of Google however resulted in the drop of search engine rank of the websites that used such low quality backlinks. If at all your website still has such backlinks, make sure you get rid of those as soon as possible to avoid getting penalized by Google.

5. Check for Google Updates

Google keeps on updating its algorithm every now and then. Some of these Google updates are disruptive and huge, whereas others are subtle and soft. The larger updates that the companies should consider are the ones with an animal-theme e.g. Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird. Make sure you are engaged only in white hat SEO practices to avoid getting penalized by Google.

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