5 Questions To Consider Before Outsourcing SEO

Every business has plans of expansion. Before taking it to the next level, a thorough analysis of the business is done. At the right time the business is taken to the next level. However the areas in which you might consider outsourcing are SEO and online marketing. How exactly will you know if it is the right time to outsource SEO? Read the following points to get the answer:

1. Do you have a proper in-house online marketing team?

Small businesses rely on their team for marketing and SEO. Well, if the team is well versed with the updates of SEO and Google algorithm then its’ alright to continue with it. But if your team has no knowledge or little knowledge about how exactly one needs to perform SEO, it’s time for your business to outsource it. SEO is a dynamic concept and it changes at a lightning speed. One needs to be in constant touch with its updates and latest marketing trends. If not then, chances are you will end up doing the optimization wrong and get penalized.

2. Do you have an SEO expert in your team?

The day you realize the complexities of SEO, you will seek help from an expert. Algorithms change regularly and your business needs someone who is updated about the whole digital marketing aspects. Digital marketing and SEO change almost daily so you need someone who is the best at it and give your business an upper edge over your competitors.

3. When did you last update your website?

You should check the time when your website was updated. If it has been a very long time, you should consider outsourcing your online presence. Also you need to check whether your website is responsive. As per the new Google’s algorithm, all websites should be optimized for mobile for getting high traffic. To stay ahead in the competition optimize your website today!

4. Is your website rich in content?

Your website needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. It is the face of your company and is the main driving force behind your success. You should be able to convert your traffic into business. Your landing pages should be optimized. Your website should have engaging content to get high ranking in the search engines. If you agree to all this and do not have an in-house web developer and content writer, you should think of outsourcing it.

5. What is your marketing ROI?

After implementing online marketing strategies, you need to know the ROI of your marketing. So how exactly will you determine this? Also how will you determine your social media reach and the rate of conversion? It takes a lot of efforts to develop strategies, and it is equally important to determine the results. If you are unable to understand the ROI, you should outsource your online marketing.