4 Common Mistakes On Twitter That Prevent Marketing Success

4 Common Mistakes On Twitter That Prevent Marketing Success

People tend to make mistakes at times, but it is not impossible to rectify or overcome them. As far as social media is concerned you need to be abreast with all the latest and correct marketing techniques to prevent yourself from getting any negative publicity. Social media marketing is evolving at a faster rate and the notion behind it is to listen to your customers, engage with them and respond promptly to their queries. The more you engage with your customers, the more successful your business becomes. It is not as easy as it appears, it will take a good amount of research for you to connect with your target audience.

In this article we will focus on Twitter marketing. The common mistakes that we do with it and how we can avoid those.

1. Incorrect tweets format

For gaining more followers there are numerous techniques that can help you to format a tweet. One of the most terrible things that you can do for your social media traffic is to mention someone else incorrectly. If you begin your tweet ‘@xyz’ without including a character at the beginning of your tweet, then the only people who can view your tweet are you and your mention, along with people who follow both parties. You will need to begin your post with another character or word if you want all of your followers to see a ‘@xyz’ tweet.

2. Tweeting all at once

You might have a lot to convey to your audience and you want to tweet everything in 15 minutes of your day. This might seem alright for you but if you simply post your tweets all at once, you will end up getting very little exposure. Certain tools are available that can help you to schedule your tweets all through the day. This is beneficial for you if you don’t have enough time for social media strategy. Do not forget that your audience is varied, and they won’t check the Twitter and your tweets all at once.

3. Talking a lot

Twitter provides a limit of 140 characters, but this doesn’t mean you have to utilize every single word. Research has found that tweets upto 100 characters or maybe less than that usually get better engagement. Also if your tweet consumes entire 140 characters, then your followers won’t have any space for re-tweeting if they want to share you in their newsfeed. The fact here is that some of the best tweets in the history of Twitter have been lesser than six words.

4. Improper Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are well known and enormously popular. They are a great means for companies to sneak their way into relevant conversation online and trending topics. Strategically using hashtags allows you to target your viewers and new potential followers in large numbers. This helps you in expanding your reach. At the same time you must realize that you should not overuse hashtags in a single post. Always keep your post simple, stop making it promotional and add maximum 3 hashtags in a post.