10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing

Social media today is much more than a means of entertainment. It has become a prominent facet of business. Having a presence on the internet is significant for every business. It is equally important you understand the various fundamentals of social media. Leveraging the power of social media marketing and content can help in elevating your audience and grow your customer base.

The following laws will help you in building your brand on social media.

1. The Law of Listening

Success anywhere requires more listening than talking. It is no different for social media. You should be a good listener to flourish in your business. You must read your audience’s online content and join the discussion to learn what is crucial for them. Only after analyzing this, you can create content that adds value to their life.

2. The Law of Focus

Focus is must in every business you do. Having expertise in one thing is better than fooling around in hundred other stuffs. It is highly beneficial to have a focused content marketing and social media strategy intended to build a strong presence on the internet. Your chances of being successful are more in this case.

3. The Law of Quality

In all the cases quality always exceeds quantity. Instead of having 10000 useless audiences, it is important to have 1000 connections that read and share your content with their audience.

4. The Law of Patience

Social media is all about patience. You won’t get the desired results over night. You need to be committed to your campaign, trust it and be patient with it.

5. The Law of Compounding

You can publish amazing content if you have a great content writing and marketing team. This will build your presence online and you will get followers who will share your content on their social media sites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. This discussing and sharing of your content will give rise to new entry points for search engines and find it in keyword searches. These entry points further extend to hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

6. The Law of Influence

Utilize some time in finding out the online influencers in the market who have quality audience who are interested in your products and services. You must connect with those people and build relationship with them. They might also share your content with their followers if they find your information to be interesting, unique and useful.

7. The Law of Value

Your brand needs to have its value. Do not waste your time on social media by simply promoting your products and services even when people are not listening. Your conversation must be valuable. Focus less on talking and create more valuable, sharable content and develop relationship with your audience. Your audience will give you the required publicity with word of mouth.

8. The Law of Acknowledgment

People appreciate when you acknowledge them. Even on the internet it looks rude if you ignore someone who acknowledges you. Remember that one of the most prominent parts of social media success is building relationships.

9. The Law of Accessibility

Always be available for your audience. Simply don’t disappear after publishing the content. You need to also participate in the conversation and solve the queries of your audience. If you disappear for days together, followers won’t hesitate to replace you. There are many competitors around, so do not lose your grip over your audience.

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10. The Law of Reciprocity

Give and take has always been the rule in every walk of life. So you should not expect others to like and share your content if you don’t do the same for them. It is important you spare a portion of your time in sharing other people’s content as well.