10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Wedding Bands

1. Make a choice
Wedding band is a jewelry that you will wear forever. Before visiting the store it is smart to make preliminary choices. You must narrow down the choices whether you want the same metal as engagement ring or different one. Do you want to wear something simple or distinctive? Would you like your ring to have gemstones or diamonds? These are some questions you should ask yourself before browsing in the store.

2. Set a budget
Before making any purchase, it is important to set a budget. Diamonds are expensive so be ready to shell a fortune in there. If you are planning to get a personalized band by engraving on the wedding band, you will have to shell extra buck. The price of engraving is based on the font used and the number of characters engraved.

3. Start searching early
Once you narrow down your options, it is time for the fun part i.e. trying the rings. At least spend a good amount of 2-3 months trying rings. You will need time to browse the rings, check its price etc. If you are planning to customize the ring, you may need more time. Engraving can take up to one month.

4. Buy engagement ring and wedding band together
If you have not exchanged engagement rings yet, you might buy them together. This way you can pair your both rings and you would know which combination looks better. A classic engagement ring goes well with the added sparkle of a diamond pave band whereas a pear shaped engagement ring calls for a simple wedding band. If you are going to wear both the rings together, look for a contour band designed to interlock with the engagement ring. If you chose to wear the wedding band alone, you could opt for intricate style.

5. Mix it up
There is nothing to worry if your partner likes yellow gold and you prefer platinum. You can either compromise on one metal or opt for the blend of both metals. The key here is to settle on something that you both like or buy something individualistic that reflects your individual style. Whatever you select should complement with your partner’s ring and look like a true pair.

6. Keep your lifestyle in mind
There is absolutely no point if you buy a pricey band and it’s not even comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be wearing this band daily, so choose something that becomes a part of your life. If you play sports, go for a slimmer ring with round edges. You can also select a simple solid metal ring without gemstones. If you are very active, go for platinum which is extra durable.

7. Size it right
People generally don’t take off their wedding bands and wear through all seasons and phases of life. For selecting the right wedding band setting, schedule your ring fitting at a time when your body temperature is normal and you are calm. The size of the ring matters the most as you won’t be changing it later on.

8. Think long term
Everyone loves being trendy but you need to ensure that the style you choose will look good even after 40 years. Don’t select something that will go out of fashion soon. Pick the one you love now and would love forever. Picture yourself wearing it 40 years hence. Don’t stress much, wedding bands are always special irrespective of their styles.

9. Check for quality
Whether it is ring or a dress, quality is a must. Make sure the wedding band is of good quality by checking the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark. If the ring consists of multiple metals, ensure that there is quality mark for each.

10. Don’t forget the maintenance
Jewelry needs maintenance to remain shiny and new. Every year take your ring to a jeweler to check for loose stones. Also avoid wearing your jewelry while taking a shower or swimming. Considering the maintenance, pick the perfect wedding bands.