10 Rules For Wedding Bands Shopping

1. Narrow your choices and start early

This is a piece of jewelry that you will wear forever. Before visiting the jeweler you should make some preliminary choices so that you don’t go blank at the store. A lot of variety is available on the internet, browse through it and shortlist some designs. Once you get the basic idea of what you want, head straight to the jewelry store. At least do proper research for a month or two. Take help from friends and relatives before making this huge purchase. If you are interested in engraving, it will take another one month.

2. Set a realistic budget

Diamonds are certainly expensive. Gifting your lady love with an expensive wedding band requires a lot of planning. Further, the price of engraving a wedding band depends on the font and whether you are engraving by machine or hand.

3. Be unique

There is no rule that the metals and style of your wedding bands should match. You might like platinum and your spouse could prefer gold. It is completely alright to be unique and experiment with the metals.

4. Be practical

While selecting the wedding band, keep your lifestyle in mind. There is no point in buying something pretty if it makes you uncomfortable. You will be wearing this band daily, so choose something that is comfortable and seamlessly becomes a part of your routine. If you often do harsh activities with your hands, look for a streamlined ring with little or no frills at all.

5. Determine the correct size

Most of the people rarely take off their wedding bands. They wear them through all seasons even when they are pregnant. Fingers contract and swell due to cold, heat and weight gain. For selecting the correct size, do your final fitting when your body temperature is normal and you are calm.

6. Check the quality

Ensure that the wedding band has two marks inside- the manufacturer’s trademark and a quality mark. In case the ring consists of two or more metal, make sure that there is a quality mark for each of those.

7. Think long term

Everyone wants to buy things that are in vogue. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being trendy but at the same time you have to be sure that the style that you choose will remain evergreen and you would love to wear it 20 years hence.

8. Keep the wedding band clean

It is indeed very simple to clean wedding ring since there are no stones on its surface. Simple rub it with a soft cloth. If your wedding band has stones then wash and soak it in warm water and gently brush with a soft toothbrush. Do not apply too much pressure.

9. Keep it secured and safe

Losing a ring is easy if you remove it often. It is better if you don’t remove it at all or if you remove then keep it at a safe place. Assign a secure place to keep the ring which you won’t forget. Do not leave it near the sink. When you are away from home keep it locked safely.

10. Protect your investment

Metals are vulnerable. While doing rough work or playing sports, avoid wearing your ring. Scratches are easily visible on matte finishes and mostly affect platinum which is comparatively softer than yellow and white gold. In case of any damage get it to the notice of renowned jeweler.