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Things To Avoid On The First Day At Work

The feeling of the first day at work is mixed. You feel excited, happy and bit nervous. But, you should stay calm and put your best to reflect positive impression in the office. Lavish office furniture, well-equipped ambiance with numerous employees working can be an exciting and scary situation for a newbie.

Here, are some tips you can follow to avoid on the first day at work for making everything perfect and in your favour -

Stepping in late on the first day
You have to punctual on the first of your job. Being late from the day one itself will reflect very bad impression of yours. Sleep early and make sure everything is set in the night itself counting the dress you are going to wear, footwear, documents you need to take along with you, etc.

Lack of attention
On the first day, you are likely to be introduced to so many new people. You should meet people with zeal and try to remember their names, designation and any other important detail as this would help you in crafting good relations with them. Paying attention at your workplace from the day one would be very helpful.

Not utilizing time properly
You should use your time efficiently. On the first day it might not be possible for you to know everything, but try to learn as much as you can about the ambiance and work process to perform efficiently.

Speaking in negative tone
When you are new to any place, talking with a colleague is very imperative, but in right tone too. Speaking sentences like andlsquo;in my previous companyandrsquo;, andlsquo;I used to this and thatandrsquo;, andlsquo;showing of the achievementsandrsquo;, etc. All these hurt your image as people would feel less interested in talking to you. So, make your conversation positive.

Unnecessary comparison with previous company or boss
When sitting in your new office chair, do not start talking negative things about your previous company even if you had a bad experience there. These sorts of comparison are not welcomed and can let you down.

Trying to be too hard
Be honest and do not try to make others love you at the first meet itself. Just be nice and polite to others and give them time to understand you. Gradually, you will find crafted good relations with your colleagues. So, give time take time and be candid in your work.

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