Methods To Decrease Distraction At Work

Every coin has two faces; in the same way the latest technologies and workplace things are enhancing productivity of individuals, on the other hand becoming a reason for distraction too. The open space is grooming collaboration, but sometimes constant interaction of co-workers decreases their concentration power and delays their work. Similarly, constant connectivity with the colleagues via chats eases their conversation, but when this increases you might not be able to work efficiently.

So, check out these ways to decrease the distraction at work -

Permit your workforce to be alone in their space when needed. If you have open plan workspace equipped with chairs and used bench desks then design drop-in workstations in your premises to make employees work without interruptions and phone calls. You can also make a small conference room with some cosy sofa and comforts where employees can meet and discuss on projects.

Turn off the email alerts when you are busy and make sure you turn it on when your work is done.

Stop saying yes for every task. Taking any new project in hand is a good and polite way in the office, but if you are already overloaded with deadline projects, clear the conditions to your senior so that work do not get affected. Let them know you are busy in a polite way as taking more work over and over will let you nowhere and as a result everything will remain unfinished.

Avoid not so important phone calls during your important work hours. When you are busy in some important tasks, avoid taking calls that are not so important to answer or you can put the phone on voicemail with a message.

If possible, close the door when involved in some important tasks or in a meeting with juniors, colleagues, etc.