Women you love deserve the best Diamond Wedding Ring

Every girl dream of their Wedding ring and they want it to be simple but stylish and beautiful. It should draw the attention of every people. Generally grooms prefer diamond engagement ring because diamond has the power to win heart. You can find diamond rings in a variety of colors and shapes. They are also known as cuts. The cut refers width, depth and length of the diamond. To determine the value of a diamond the cut is one of the most important elements because there are some cuts which waste more raw diamond in the cutting process. Hence the cuts which waste more diamonds cost more. The cut of a diamond determine its sparkle and brilliance. So before choosing your engagement ring you must consider which shape will suit on the finger of your loved one.
Round solitaries are very popular in engagement rings . Almost on all the fingers they look great. It has a 360 degree of symmetrical shape and because of this it is considered the most brilliant diamond.  If you are looking a ring for a broader hand then you must not go for a diagonal settings it will make your hand look even bulkier. Broader hands look great with a balanced engagement rings.  If you have shorter finger then you must choose marquise, pear and oval because they can make the finger appear longer. The popular princess and Asscher settings are a great option for slender fingers.
Emerald cut is considered as a classic cut. This cut has a unique optical appearance which highlights the clarity.Three stone engagement rings offer geometrical styles while solitaire diamond engagement rings have symmetrically shaped stone. Personal choice : The best way to find which diamond shape will look best on your finger is to try variety of styles. By trying different rings on your finger you can find which shape does the justice to your hand and that you are constantly drawn to one shape.
Another important thing which you must consider is how it will look with a wedding band. It is only for those couples who want a wedding band. But if your ring is for both engagement and wedding then this is not an issue. Bridal sets will be a perfect option as they are designed to be worn together and they will look perfect Fine Jewelry.