Why You Should Buy Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The process of choosing a diamond is more complicated than people actually think. With surplus information available about diamonds today, a new person gets thrilled easily. As we know, diamonds are classified on the basis of 4Cs- Cut, carat, clarity and color. They are available in various shapes too. In this article we will focus on round cut diamonds.

Why to select a round cut diamond?
The round cut diamond is certainly the king of brilliant cuts. It has 57 carefully placed facets and every round diamond which is polished from a rough crystal has a potential to become a jewelry masterpiece.

Round cut diamond was developed in the early 1900s and quickly it became the most famous shape. Even today the popularity of round diamond cut engagement rings is intact. More than 70% diamonds that are sold globally are round brilliant cuts.

Due to their shape appeal and versatility they have become universal choice when it comes to the design of jewelry. Greatest amount of brilliance is achieved when a round diamond is cut into ideal proportions. It has better light dispersion properties when compared to other shapes.

Representing around 75% of all diamonds sold, it has becomes the most sort after diamond shape. It is superior to other diamond shapes due to the mechanics of its shape. It has a proper reflection of light which maximizes potential brightness. Virtually all the round cut diamonds are brilliant cut with 58 facets.

The cost of round diamonds is more on a per carat basis for two major reasons; the demand is high and relatively yield is low. More rough stone is lost during the cutting of a round diamond and the cost of each retained carat is higher.

In the year 1919 the round diamond began to rise in popularity. Tolkowsky’s thesis on “Diamond design: A study of the reflection and refraction of light in diamond” described the ideal proportions of a round cut diamond for maximizing light return and dispersion. Theoretical advancement along with advancements in technology has been adopted by diamond manufacturers to produce the extremely brilliant cuts that are available in well cut round diamonds.

Round Cut Diamond engagement rings
The round cut diamond engagement rings look stunning and are extremely popular with brides worldwide. If you want to surprise your lady with a diamond which is eternal symbol of love and commitment, then round cut diamond engagement ring is all you need.