When To Take Off the Precious Diamond Wedding Band


You have finally tied the knot with your beloved. A grand celebration with family and friends, gathered a lot of memorable moments. Enjoyed a lot, right? And, the most important and terrific thing is your mind-blowing diamond wedding band. You got your dream wedding band from your beloved man on the special day of your life. Many women like to keep their wedding band as it is for a lifetime but are not able to do so. This is because they forget to keep the ring clean in their busy routine.

Keeping your diamond ring safe and twinkling is not rocket science. All you need to do is just take it off certain times when you are doing some task like –

While cleaning your home –

At the time of cleaning home, we used our hands roughly and harshly to buff, scour and scrub to clean the crevices and floor. Wearing rubber gloves is a good option to keep your hands clean, but this might not save the ring to get banged up when getting in contact with hard surfaces. Home cleaners also carry strong chemicals that can be harmful to the ring. It is better to take it off from hand and keep it on a safe place.

Cooking and baking –

Planning to cook food for your guest, take off the ring first. As you make the dough, the stunning band get stuck and lost in it. You might not know about losing at the time and might serve it to your guests. And, if it not lost, a layer of flour or other ingredients stick to the band causing loss to its original glimmer and polish.

Swimming –

Swimming is good for health, but wearing your precious diamond wedding band while swimming is not a good idea. The chlorine water can fade the ring and the spark of the stunning ring goes away with time. Moreover, in water your finger get shrinks that can make the expensive diamond wedding ring easily slip off and disappear in the depth of the pool. So, to avoid losing the ring and its spark, take off before going for swimming.

Gardening –

Similarly, when you are planting beautiful flowering plants in your garden, do not get the mud and pesticides get in contact with your beloved ring. This can make your ring look fading and diminish its beauty. In addition, using heavy tools can destroy the gems setting of the ring.

Work out at gym –

When you are going for workouts or heavy exercise, remove the ring and keep it safe in a locker at home. Wedding bands are made of malleable or soft metals. With constant pressure while weight lifting and another exercise will bend the ring. The change in shape will hurt the stone’s setting causing the stone to fall out.

Moisturizers and hair spray –

Moisturizers, sunscreen, and lotions are all prone to edifice on your ring, sourcing the brilliance and shine of your enlightening diamond wedding band to become flat and dull over time. If you are using hair spray, perfumes on a daily basis, avoid their contact with your ring to retain its beauty and spark for long time.

So, gorgeous ladies, follow the tips and keep the astounding wedding band unblemished for a long time.