When Not To Wear Your Diamond Wedding Bands

When Not To Wear Your Diamond Wedding Bands

Exchanging wedding bands are not just a ritual that people follow on their wedding day. It is much more than that. With the exchange of bands, they promise each other of staying together forever in every condition, promise to have unconditional love, respect, and care for him/her and family. The wedding band binds them in the special relationship that fills their life with fresh blossoms giving a name to their enduring love.

It is the symbol of entering in the adventures world waiting for them after marriage. Hence the wedding band or wedding ring is very precious to every couple, especially for girls. Girls are considered to be more emotional and they have more sentiments attached with their ring, so they do every possible effort to keep their fabulous diamond wedding band as new one forever. Almost every girl wears her wedding band every time, but sometimes you should take it off to retain its beauty.

It might be risky to take off your diamond wedding ring every time you take a shower. But, it is a good habit if you are not wearing the ring while shower as the harmful chemicals can detain the charm of the ring. Diamonds are attracted to oils and regular contact with soap and oils is not good for the health of your precious diamond ring.

Moreover, the risk of slip increasing in water. Your ring might get drained with water so it is better to keep it away.

Also, take it off when you are baking your partner’s favorite cake or cookies. A collection of flour and other substance can make the diamond setting weak. You may lose the expensive diamond in the dough while kneading.

While going for your second honeymoon or on a family picnic, it is better to keep your most valued wedding ring at home or locker. You are moving to enjoy the pleasurable time, experiencing some new adventurous activities, etc. with your loved ones and the fear of losing the ring can make you not to enjoy at fullest. If you lose the ring at a new place it would become impossible to find it back. So, keep it at a safe place and wear it after coming back from a wonderful outing.

Of course, how can we forget to remove the ring before cleaning. You know how much the harsh cleansers and chemicals can affect your ring. Hence, keep it away from their contact. Also, take it off when going or swimming.