What Your Engagement Ring Says About Your Personality

We all want a beautiful solitaire to adorn our wedding dress and enhance our personality. Engagement rings come in different types of shapes and designs. Depending on a person’s persona, the ring is selected. Choice and preference matters the most since it is that piece of jewelry that will stay with you forever and you definitely want to flaunt the best diamond ring. But do you know your engagement ring depicts your personality?

Following are some types of engagement rings. Read on to know what they say about you.

Round cut engagement rings
You dream of a classic wedding. Everything ranging from S-line silhouette of your dress to cathedral-length veil is going to be timeless. Some significant and special details will be included by you in your ceremony such as your grand mom’s brooch pinned on your bouquet. Considering your elegant style, you will perhaps select a band over DJ. You can check here for round cut engagement rings.

Cushion cut engagement rings
You value traditions but you love adding your own trendy twists. You would possibly wear killer heels with a mermaid gown. Your wedding will be pretty glamorous affair. From sequin bridesmaid gowns, champagne towers to crystal embellished bouquets are all right up your way.

Princess cut engagement rings
You are contemporary bride with edgier leanings. It won’t be surprising if you opt for a more alternative bridal look, something like a little white dress or a white pantsuit. You would want your dream wedding off the beaten path and unexpected locations. Rooftop gardens and small art galleries excite you. You would prefer toasting a craft beer with notes of your favorite fruit instead of serving champagne. You can check here for princess cut engagement rings.

Colorful engagement rings
Your personality is like a rainbow, full of colors. You like doing your own things. Unconventional things appeal to you, so you might wear something with a splash of colors or quirky embellishments. Being unique and different is what your personality is all about. Your guest will remember your wedding as a crazy fun party with astounding energy. Chances are you would throw an exotic destination wedding or pull off a trendy backyard theme.

Emerald cut engagement rings
You prefer modest elegance and style. Your wedding gown is probably a sheath. Your choices are simple and you would prefer a simple bouquet of lilies and walk down the aisle lined with candles. You are simply the natural chic. Doing things over the top is not just your thing and you admire simplicity.

Whatever engagement ring you select indeed says a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Select a ring that seamlessly becomes a part of your life.