What To Do With Engagement Ring On Wedding Day

Engagement ring is not just a symbol of your union, but it is an heirloom for the generations to come if kept properly. Many brides are confused about their engagement ring on the wedding day. Some of them like to put it on the right-hand and some of them keep it safe in the lockers for the day.

The choice is all yours. There is no specific tradition about the same. Generally, brides put the ring in right hand finger and out it back on the top of the wedding ring. Buy, to do so you have to be very careful, as wedding celebration are full of joy and a busy schedule, so nobody wants to get any unpleasant surprise about the ring. It should not be damaged or misplaced on the big memorable day.

Before the wedding ceremony -
Many brides are busy in the preparations of their wedding day that they overlook the engagement ring. Certain things have to be taken care of about the engagement ring in advance, as the engagement ring should look as stunning as your wedding ring.

Make sure that your ring is clean and sparkling as a new one. Get all the repairing work done. You can also for the insurance of both of your rings so that you need not worry about the ring, if planning to go to some thrilling places or on a cruise for the honeymoon.

During the ceremony -
You can give it to your best friend or mother to hold for the ceremony and later can put it back over your dazzling diamond wedding band. Else, you can out the ring in some other finger of the left hand and wear it as you like. You can wear it under the gloves or wearing it over the glove than take care of it that it doesn’t misplaced while dancing or enjoying the party.

In the end, the important thing is that the engagement ring has to be treated carefully as it is the first symbol of your bond and you are having various memories with it.