Using Exercise Ball As Office Chair At Workplace – Good Or Bad Idea

For providing efficient and comfortable work ambiance, employers are trying various methods like renovating the office, revamping the office furniture, introducing ergonomic office furniture and so on. Some are buying different sorts of office desks like wave desks, bench desks, designer reception desks with several features. Some are introducing ergonomic office chairs. The designer chairs are very stylish and perfect giving comforts and good appearance to the ambiance.

Today, exercise balls as used as office chairs at workplaces. The exercise balls are also known as stability balls. These are used in the gym for improving the balance and allowing users to exercise easily. There are several benefits of sitting on an exercise ball in office. Sitting on an exercise ball improves the core strength, stability and also boost the balance and posture. It also helps individuals in burning extra fat and calories. This also improves your blood circulation and makes you feel more energetic.

But, using it as an office chair for long working hours is a bad idea as it may make you feel uncomfortable after some time. Constant sitting on such chairs is not possible for every employee. The exercise balls do not have the back support and armrest that makes the upper not be appropriately and entirely supported. But, once you learn to sit on the exercise ball, it would become easier for you to stay fit and healthy at work.

There is something good and bad related to the use of exercise ball as an office chair. It is up to you how you want to use it. An alternative to this is that you can keep two chairs around your desk. Use the ergonomic traditional office chairs and exercise ball alternatively. This will serve you the benefits of both. Hence, enjoy the benefits of exercise ball at work while keeping safety in mind.