Unique Tips To Make Office Guest-Friendly

One of your big clients is visiting to your office for the first time, great feeling, and big moment for you, right!

And, you want to leave an impressive and memorable impact on them, of course you should…However, it is tough row to hoe.

You might be having a well-organized and furniture-rich workplace where your employees are comfortable to work. But, what else you can do to present a jaw-dropping impression on your special guests.

To do so, create a sense of symmetry as this can truly anchor the space for reflecting awesome first impression. You can give them a home like feeling for extending their comfort level along with the professional work setting.

Here, are some of the tips that can help you in making your office unique and unforgettable ambiance for your big day.

Prepare before they visit - you might be having knowledge about the visiting time and date of your client. Do everything in advance and do not wait for the last moment. This may put you at risk; hence, accomplish all your renovating or rearranging work earlier to amplify the appearance of the place.

Dress up the reception area - You can have a big television in the reception area on which the important aspects of your brand, birthdays, anniversaries of your employees, event dates, and other details flashes. It would be a distinctive and something fun filled for them.

Make the office wall speaks on your behalf - Let the office walls speak about your success, victories, achievements, efforts, and creativity. You can place the awards, memorable pictures of your team or employees of some celebration of any special occasion or any big project completion. This will not only make them feel glad, but also inspires your team to work efficiently whenever they feel low.

Comfort sight, aroma and sound - Having the latest high-tech office furniture pieces with the innovative devices for employees are undoubtedly good way to impress your guests, addition of nature to the corners with pleasant aroma of flowers would be the icing of the cake. Have some soundproof separate cubicle areas where employees’ can go and do their work if needed complete quiet place.

Add water features - Addition of water feature like wall waterfall, tabletop or any kind of designer water feature will be something special for your guests to see and enjoy the beauty of your workspace.

Add refreshments - You might be having a cafeteria or canteen for your employees at one side of your office but make a small area inside your office for refreshments where one can get quick refreshment if desired. This may include coffee machine, water bottles, fresh fruits or some bagels that provide energy.

Make the greetings to the big wings – no matter who is visiting to your office, introduce them to your great team members and say in one line how they are important to you. Make your executives welcome your guest with a smile and positive gesture, as this will create a healthy and comfortable ambiance.