Tips To Welcome New Hire At Workplace

When a new person in hired, the management look out for the paperwork, documentation, sitting arrangement, etc. but forget about welcoming the new one and making him/her comfortable in the office ambiance. Generally, when a person joins a new job, he/she feels nervous and if they get a warm welcome on the first day of the job, fills them with confidence, employment loyalty, and dedication towards the company.

When friends, relatives or family member of new employee asks about their first day at job, your employees should have a lot to tell with excitement.

With these tips, you can welcome the new hire fruitfully to make him/ her feel comfortable from the day one.

Introduce the office premise

Give them a round of your workspace; let them know about the surroundings, the place where you have lunch, space you visit in breaks, etc. All such things would help the newbie to be comfortable and involved. Let them know the Office Desks, lockers and chair with other accessories and computer they got for working.

Give a welcome party

Party! It does not mean you need to through a grand party with lots of people, dance, food, drinks, etc. Instead, fix a time and let all the employees gather for welcoming the new hire, some snacks with tea or coffee will do. Let others co-workers talk to them for freeing them from hesitation. You can make it as welcome tradition for every new comer.

Let them talk

Let him/her talk, ask questions to you. Have a friendly conversation with them to make them feel contented and comfortable at work. Patiently answer their queries, give a clear idea about the office rules, policies, and work system fruitfully.

Be available

You might be the first person the new hire is meeting on the first day of the job. He/she will look for you whenever he/she need help. Be available and help them to get adjusted in the new work ambiance.

Let them know their role

Different employees have different job profiles. Let the newbie understand his responsibilities and work. Make him/her converse with the co-workers to know them. This will make easier for them to work together.

Give a little work on the first day

Do not let the newcomer sit idle nor put heavy workload on the first day. Instead, give little work as a start up. Give time for making them understand the work process and fitting in your needs.