Tips To Say I Quit In A Good Way

Got better career opportunity, are you looking resigning your job, if yes the resign in a proper and positive way to leave a good impression while leaving. We all know that first impression counts in the same way, when you are leaving a company, you should say Goodbye in a good manner as people generally remember the last meeting.

Inform about your leaving date in advance to your boss and staff so that work adjustment and rest things are done efficiently. Give two-week notice and wind up and hand over your work and related things to the concerned person.

Delete your personal files, emails, messages and clean up your computer without disturbing the office related files and documents. Also, clean your personal stuff from your office desks and storage cupboards.

Write a formal resignation letter even if you gave resignation via phone or email. Cover only your last day at work and reason for leaving.

Circulate a farewell letter to say goodbye and share your emotions and feelings while leaving the job. Do not brag about the new job and keep negativity away even after how much you hate your job, colleague, etc. Also, include your contact details so that one can contact you in future of needed. Offer help for future to your colleagues and boss, though it is not accepted, but would be appreciated.

Ask for a reference to your colleagues and boss. It is the best time to connect on LinkedIn and other social networks that can be beneficial for your career in future.

You can take away the photo frames or motivational scriptures you were having in front of your used office chair. Remember, no one should suffer after you leave.

Maybe you are not going to meet them again in life, but every experience teaches us something new in life. So, leave all the bitter memories behind as you are stepping into a new place and you should take only good and positive things ahead. This will help you to walk smoothly on the path of success.