Tips To Revamp Your Old Office Reception Chairs

Revamping or reupholstering the used reception chairs is easy. Whether the form of the chair is flattened or you are bored with the dull black look, with these tips you can make the chair new by giving a total makeover without hurting your pockets. The process is versatile as you can customize your office chairs easily for matching with your office style and decor within few hours. Here are some easy and time-saving tips that will let you renovate the chairs in a single day.

For making the chair new, you need some essential things counting a designer think and sturdy fabric, screwdriver, pliers, glue, scissor, and staplers. Firstly, you need to do is apart the chair. Most of the office chairs are having two cushions the backrest and the seat. You need to separate them and now it’s time to remove the old cover or you can get the new fabric over it. If the form of the seat and backrest is flat, you can add some more.

Now take the backrest and seat respectively and cover them nicely with the fabric you have and staple it. You can add glue to stick the fabric if needed. Staple the fabric by pulling it tightly so that it gets fit equally on all sides.

After doing all, attach back the backrest and seat cushion to their places tightly in the right way. Tighten the screws and wheels and your new office chair is ready. The bright coloured fabric is perfect to add glittering stars to your space. This will brighten up your place and boost energy level in the employees if you refurbish all the chairs in this innovative and cost saving way.

Involve you employees to express and use their creativity through refurbishing of the office chairs. You can follow the same process for renovating your different office chairs.