Tips To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Diamonds are forever. Every girl wants to have a unique and big stone in her finger. But, this is also true that she wants a ring that suits her the best. Buying a diamond with the perfect size you desire can be a bit tricky for some people. Here, are some tips that can help you make your diamond engagement ring look larger than its actual size.

The best part is that you can do so without spending extra dollars.

Consider buying fancy shaped diamonds instead of round –
Round cut diamonds look stunning, but at the same time appears smaller when compared to other cuts of same carats. You can choose the emerald cut, oval cut or pear cut diamonds to make your ring look bigger in the same carat value. These goes well with any metal ring and bring outstanding looks.

To spice up the ring pave or halo designs are the best –
You get a fused look in halo or pave diamond-setting rings. A large area is covered with many small diamonds in a way to bring delightful looks. Therefore, you have a great option to get the sparkling ring without spending more.

Side settings are the master way –
A ring with diamond shoulders or diamond settings on sides appears larger that its original shape.

Choose smaller side stones –
Smaller side stones create an illusion and perk up the attraction of center diamond. Your central diamond will appear bigger and makes you feel delighted when it dazzles in your finger.

Shallow cut diamond –
Shallow cut diamonds have faced up that looks bigger than the ideally cut diamonds. When a diamond is cut with a shallow depth, the mass accent is placed on the pavilion and crown areas of the precious stone.

Go for the bezel setting -
The bezel setting is a ring design whereby a delicate metal rim circles the center diamond for enhancing its outline. It is a great design that gives extra protection to your precious stone, plus aid in preventing chipping during the normal wear.

So, try these tricks and make your engagement ring look stunning and bigger without compromising the quality and value.