Tips To Make Employees Not To Waste Time At Work

Different people have different thoughts and definition of their workplace. Depending on their work, personal experience, and work ambiance, they have a different point of views. Lavish office furniture, latest technologies with high-tech gadgets and so on are the basics of making an office complete and stunning. Generally, managers can blame their employees for wasting time or poor time management when they are not able to meet the deadlines. This leads to the poor customer service, lacking potential growth and also strain the relations among the employees, eventually, loss of commerce.

The places where people wasting time in office are tea time, meetings, daydreaming, social media, answering the emails, arranging their office desks, complaining about the slow computers, etc. Here, are some tips that you use to help employees not to waste their time at work.

Keep your team engaged. Employees who have adequate assignments and projects to complete tend to waste less time. Allot them work with deadlines and have a regular check in mid to avoid any confusion and delays in work. Your interaction and inquiry will make them serious about their work.

Make your employees let you know the track of their time for the working hours. Give 15-45 minutes in a day to enjoy leisure activities counting Facebook, social media surfing, conversations, and gossips with colleagues. It can be a fixed time after lunch or tea break in the evening as per their convenience and preference.

Social media is very popular and useful way to enhance your business. Motivate your employees to use the social media a productive way rather than wasting time on it at work. Educate them how it can be beneficial for them.

To avoid the situations of daydreaming, have a round to their office desks once in a day at random time. This will make attentive and concentrated towards work as an eye of senior or boss is enough.

Blocking Facebook on office computers is not a solution. Your employees will simply turn on their smartphones and iPhones that would be more dangerous and time wasting activity. Make rules so that they can use it only in free time utilizing important hours in working.