Tips to Groom your Onboarding Process

Whether recruited new employees through walk-ins or with the help of financial recruitment agency London, onboarding process is important for companies.

The onboarding process is an efficient practice combining new employee orientation and mainstreaming procedure to integrate new appointments into the company and its culture. It is better for both employee as well as an employer as it provides all essential information and understanding about the company to the employee making him or her get adjusted in new ambiance easily. And, strategic onboarding builds a strong and fruitful impression of employers among the newbie.

Hence, the onboarding process has to be welcoming, unique and from the point of view of new joining to enjoy better productivity and retention.

You can improve the onboarding process of your company with the following tips -

Begin from the beginning
For a lasting impression, let the process beginning from the start of the hiring procedure. For an attentive and friendly impression -

  • Give a clear job description to inform about their profiles if selected.
  • Tell in advance about the whole stages and selection process.
  • Clear their queries and pay attention to every level of interviews.

  • Send greeting email along with the other important documents

    To evangelize new employees to your corporate culture, send a welcoming email with documents before they start. It makes them feel connected with you before joining, gives confidence for the big day.

    Family introduction
    The first day of the job can be scary and exciting. Welcome and introduce them to the other family members of your company. This will help them in beginning their work efficiently without any hesitation.

    Arrange a day before
    Laptop, desk, employee ID, desk phone number and other all essentials should be done in advance for the new employee. Arrange introductory meetings with key colleagues.

    First day, fun day
    On the first day welcome them and arrange an intro session with the seniors and colleges they need to work with. Provide the t-shirts and other company stuff that makes the onboarding process more interesting. Provide important training and information about their projects. Begin with an easy way to make them comfortable and incorporate the other essential things related to your company, your employees should know.

    Schedule regular checks
    Even after a brief intro, they might have some queries s provide regular check-ins to know how they are feeling, what they think and need, etc.

    Feedback is important
    All done in a good way from your end, is it the same for them? To know about their experience get feedbacks. This will also help you in improving even the minute things and make changes wherever needed.