Tips To Combat Sitting Jobs Risks In Employees

Sitting for a long time is considered bad for the health of individuals from several decades and now this has been proved in researches as well. The people involved in sitting jobs are required to spend about 6-8 hours in offices sitting on their office chairs. Constant sitting in front of the computer screens can cause serious injury and health risks to individuals. And, the risk increases if you do not sit properly or using bad chair.

Whether it's wrist pain, a lack of mobility, lower back pain, a really tight neck, when we are spending a whole day at our office desk, our body stuck and this can hurt you badly for a long term. For providing complete comforts and relaxation to the employees, bringing in the high quality ergonomic chairs is a good option.

Follow these tips to counteract the office life we need to live.

Choose the right chair with adjustable height where you can sit with your back and shoulders are relaxed. Sit up tall with your forearms parallel to ground letting you not to shrug your shoulders to reach the keyboard.

Also, set the desktop monitor or laptop properly to avoid stress on your eyes. To raise the height of your screen it is not essential to buy something fancy, adding some books or other stiff things can do your task. Avoid staying in the same posture for longer hours.

Leave your desk and office chairs for as much as time possible to give relaxation and to move your muscles. Try out little exercises and stretching in every 30 minutes to stay healthy while enjoying your sitting job.

Walk after lunch as this will help in burning the extra fat and calories to avoid getting obese.

Have healthy snacks in between and avoid having too much of tea and coffee to keep yourself awake. Fresh juices can help you keeping alive and energetic while working for a longer time.