Tips To Choose The Right Diamond Engagement Ring For Your Fiance

Got stuck in different diamond cuts while choosing for your fiancé? Do not worry you are not alone. Many males face the same problem while choosing the right diamond engagement ring . Here, are some of the tips that will help you in choosing the right diamond shape suiting her personality.

Some of the popular diamond shapes are round, princess, emerald, cushion, Asscher, radiant, pear, marquise, oval and heart.

Round = Traditional
Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most preferred and luxurious diamond from centuries. It is popular and best for the girls who love classic things.

Princess = Decorous
Fun and flirty, the princess cut diamond ring offers more sparkle, as have more facets. It is perfect for fun loving and bubbly kind of girls.

Emerald = Mystique
Emerald diamond cut is best for the glamour-loving girls. The rectangular shape with lean and long facets widen down the sides, showing more clarity than other shapes. It looks cool and elegant.

Cushion = Romance lover
If your girl dreams for only the best, then cushion cut is her choice. It is also known as pillow cut. Give cushion cut engagement ring as her dream engagement ring.

Marquise = Vivid
The majestic marquise is the perfect match for the girls who love drama. This diamond appears larger than its actual weight thus; create an illusion of having a bigger diamond ring to your guests.

Oval = Innovative
If your girl wants the slender look for her hands, then it is the best shape for her. The oval cut diamond ring is a fresh and innovative cut that have brilliant sparkle alike the round cut. It is for the girl who loves doing something new, different from the rest.

Asscher = Vintage-lover
The Asscher cut is striking and dramatic, evoking. The Asscher cut engagement rings give art deco look that is best for the vintage style loving girls.Pear = One-of-a-kind
The pear shape is a dynamic combination of the oval and marquise. It is ideal for distinct jewelry lovers. It can be matched with earrings and pendant to spread the personal touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Radiant = Style
It is a hard to find kind of diamond. This is the choice of style statement making girls. For additional effect, you can go for a colored radiant diamond engagement ring.

Heart = Emotional
Heart shaped diamond ring is for those who have oceans of emotions and want to keep their romance love and sentiments on their finger. It is an ultimate symbol of eternal love, care, and respect.