Tips To Choose Between 4prong And 6 Prong Ring

4 prong or 6 prong ring?

The million-dollar question!

While buying a diamond engagement ring several points have to be considered. The diamond cut, metal choice, diamond carat all are very important aspects. Among all, the design of the ring has to be chosen carefully so it looks the best in your ladylove’s finger.

Choosing between a 4 prong and 6 prong ring can be a difficult choice for many individuals.

Well! Both have their own pros and cons. It depends on you to make a wise decision while considering these points.

Diamond cuts
In four prong ring all the claws separates at equal distance so it forms a square like shape. It suits best for the rectangular and square cut diamonds.

In six prong ring claws are near and covers more part of the diamond so it is suitable for round and for big sized diamonds.

Size of diamond
4 prong ring also look good for small diamonds. But, if you use 6 prong for small shaped diamond, it would look dull and smaller than its size. 6 prong will be better choice if you don’t care about the visibility of the stone and care about the security of it.

Security of your diamond
Six prong offers more security than the four prong as it holds the stone more tightly and from all sides. Even four prong also offer security to square cut and rectangular diamond cuts but not as much as 6 prong do. Moreover, it offers great beauty to the ring.

Above all, people are confused about whether the prong setting rings are suitable for daily wear. Yes absolutely, prong settings are finished with thickness, strength, and superiority before you faith your precious diamond to it.

So, choose according to your taste and style and wear the perfect ring that boost your persona and delight from the core of your heart.