Tips To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is a prized possession for everyone. One has to take proper care of it to keep it intact without any damage. Your engagement ring should look marvelous before and after wedding. You can ensure that the ring looks great by learning how to clean and store it. The ring will thus remain in a good condition and can be passed down from generation to generation.

How to protect your engagement ring?

You should remove your engagement ring when you do the following:
1. Swimming- Since your fingers could shrink temporarily in cool temperature because of which the ring can fall off.
2. Sports- Take off your ring before playing sports or any vigorous activity that involves sharp blows.
3. Heavy makeup or lotions- Remove your engagement ring while applying creams or heavy make up to avoid making the stones dull.
4. House cleaning- You should take off your ring before house cleaning which includes rough equipments or harsh chemicals.

How to keep track of your engagement ring?
1. Always keep your ring in the same safe spot to avoid misplacing it accidently.
2. Store your engagement ring all by itself to prevent it from getting scratched by other jewelry.
3. Avoid keeping your ring near vulnerable places like wash basins or bathtubs from where it could be easily lost.

How to maintain your ring?
1. Clean your diamond ring at least once a week to keep it sparkling forever.
2. Get it inspected by a reputed jeweler twice a year.
3. In case of repairs get it repaired immediately.

Tips for cleaning your engagement ring
Caring for your engagement ring becomes easy with regular cleaning and careful storage. The ring will not only remain alluring throughout the engagement, but its brilliance will remain sparkling for years to come. Here are some ways to clean your ring.

At home
A solution of water and slight detergent is the simplest way to clean your diamond ring. A soft bristled brush and a soft cloth should be used for drying. Ammonia is good for brightening yellow gold. Avoid using it with fracture filled diamonds since it may cause diamonds to become cloudy.

Professional Cleaning
If the rings become over dirty, they can be cleaned professionally. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are popular choices among jewelers.

How to choose the correct method?
If there are different types of stones in your engagement ring, be sure whichever cleaning technique you opt for is suitable for all of them. For instance pearls are far softer and more delicate than many gems, and can be easily scratched by cleaning solutions recommended for diamonds.

Insuring Your Ring
1. Update the appraisal of your engagement ring every few years.
2. Get your ring insured against loss, theft and accidents.