Tips For Painting Wooden Office Furniture

Are you working from home, but got bored with the old and same home office, if yes then here are some tips to renovate your home office. Arranging the office furniture, systematizing the office stuff can change the look and feel of your home office. Another way to revamp your area is painting the furniture you are using.

If you are having wooden home office furniture, here are some helpful tips that would help you in painting efficiently.

Sand the furniture

Sanding the wooden furniture is a good way for refinishing your old furniture. Sanding can bring back the shining wood surfaces plus abolishes the cuts, flaws, and scratches, in the wood. This process also required for ensuring that the wood stain soaks into the wood of the furniture correctly.

Eliminate the remains

For removing the remaining residue wipe the furniture surface with a tack cloth. Try to avoid using the paper towel or lint-free cloth. Relying on the tack cloth is the best way.

Use primer

After sanding prime the furniture. You can use spray primer as this gives a thinner, neat and even coat. You can also use a mini foam roller for brushing the hard to reach areas of the furniture. Let the primer dry.


Painting is the last step of the refreshing look of your office furniture. Choose the colour you want based on the interior of your space and perfect to match your taste and likings. White, black, red, purple or any other colour based on the walls of your room will look stunning. Cover the corners and every side of the cupboards, filing cabinets, chairs, desks and other furniture you are renovating. Give additional coats if required for a perfect finish.

With these steps, you can give extended life and amazing looks to your existing wooden office furniture using at home or at the workplace without investing huge bucks.