Tips For Making Office Desk More Ergonomic To Enhance Productivity

Stop working and give few minutes to yourself. Are you feeling pain in your neck, fingers and back after working for long hours on the same chair. Do you feel tired and strain in eyes. If yes, then you might not have the appropriate ergonomic office furniture.

Some people are blessed and lucky of getting the luxurious ergonomic office furniture at work. But, if you are one without such things, it's the time to take care of yourself by own.

Sit in your right posture. Keeping yourself healthy is in your hand. While sitting on your desk, you should be in a right position with straight spinal cord resting your elbow and arms on the armrest. Your keyboard and mouse have to be one to two inches above your thighs.

Now the screen. Your computer screen should not have to be very far from whether you are using laptop or desktop, the screen of your system have to at the right place to avoid eyestrain. To check the right distance, sit back and stretch your arms, the end of the middle finger tip is the right place for keeping the screen. If you are using two screens keep them both in the centre without any gap.

Choose the right chair. Using ergonomic used office chairs is the best way to stay healthy at work. If you are having the right chair but not able to sit efficiently, adjust it as per your body. One size does not fit for all so choose the chair suitable for you. There are several kinds of chairs available in the market and to find the best one, take help of experts.

In addition to this, don't forget to take breaks in the mid of your work. Stretching, walking is the best exercise to keep the body fit and providing efficient blood circulation.

Hence, follow the tips and make your workplace more ergonomic to boost your productivity.