Third Space For Employees In Offices

Presently, several companies are moving towards the open plan office. The benefits of the open plan workspace are abundant. The size of the workstations is decreasing day by day. The open offices can advance the collaboration and productivity for employees giving the opportunity to grow company potential profits.

Nevertheless, several businesses are looking measures to minimize the distraction problem comes hand in hand with the open office. To overcome such problems and making the open space concept successful, third space is crafted. The third space is the happening place other than home and office to work in happy surroundings.

This can be a cafe, park, canteen, etc. it is like an unassigned destination letting employees flee the boredom of a desk, team up on the fly, and advantage from an alteration of panorama when blazing through the list of the pending tasks. You can create a happening and wonderful place with comfortable and funky coffee tables, chairs and other furniture and decor making your team enjoy working in a stress-free way.

With constant improvement in technologies, we are lucky not wired with the office desks. This means you can use the third space efficiently. This brings an augment in productivity and creativity among employees. This avoids the need of individuals to stay in office from 9 to 6, instead, they can work freely from anywhere anytime they want.

You can have a well-designed third space that can open up the compass of enhancing remote working devoid of harming the efficiency of individuals. For letting your employees enjoy working in the third place, create one in your campus itself. Use your creativity to make the third space exciting and motivating for your team. Make use of some astonishing and antique used office furniture for giving the room a touch of uniqueness and grace.