Performing Your Wedding Ceremony

Things To Know When Friend Is Performing Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding trends are changing constantly. To make the wedding celebration memorable for eras to come, you need to do some preparations in advance. Presently, friend officiate at your wedding is one of the foremost and accepted wedding trends. Your close friend at a wedding can make your wedding more memorable, exciting, and enjoyable. To get all the things done smoothly, get prepared with your friend.

Here, are some things that you should consider when your friend plays role of wedding officiant

Make certain that it is legal:-
The laws about marriage vary from state to state. So, make sure that wedding officiant is legal in your place. Get all the legal information and check with your local registrar to know what is needed for a layperson to honor your wedding. File the application as per the rules to enjoy a stress-free wedding.

Deem a few substitutes:-
At some places, it is hard for a lay-officiant for legally solemnizing a wedding. Hence, go for some substitutes to make everything happen tidy and legally. You can get married some days before the planned wedding ceremony to avoid any legal problem. Make sure you have witnessed while getting married.

Selecting a friend as officiant:-
Becoming a wedding Officiant at your friend’s wedding is a great honor. Moreover, it is a big responsibility.

Whilst selecting a lay-officiant, consider some essential things like –
Choose the perfect match – Do not flow in emotions and choose a friend just because he/she is your childhood friend. Choose the friend who is good and comfortable to speak in public.

Have backup plan – Anything can happen at the end moment. So, you should have a backup. If in case your first friend is not able to perform, you should have another friend prepared to perform.

Do not force any friend to become officiant go with the alternates if your first choice of officiant is not comfortable to speak in public or is shy in nature. Because he/she might say yes to do as he/she loves you a lot, but this may ruin your ceremony. So, it is better to go for the second or third choice.

Write the ceremony –
Decide the officiant and create the ceremony. You can write the ceremony by your own or can give charge to the lay-officiant. Do not wait for the unpleasant surprises in the big day. Be sure about what your friend is scripting and rehearse with him/her for the best outcomes.

So, with these helpful tips you can have a wonderful wedding ceremony with your friend as a wedding officiant.