Things To Consider While Buying Halo Engagement Rings

When you plan to get engaged, there are multiple things that run through your mind. From selecting the most suitable engagement ring to planning events on your big day, everything needs to be done perfectly. Engagement rings are available in various shapes and with plethora of rings that exists, finding your special ring becomes a bit tricky.

Eternal halo engagement ring
Amongst the various shapes available in diamond rings, halo engagement rings continue to be one of the most sought after designs. A halo setting features a focal gem which is encircled completely with smaller accent stones. It could feature any center diamond shape- a round brilliant cut with sparkle and fire or asscher cut with mirrored shimmer. It can even have a decent pear, a fancy yellow radiant or a resplendent cushion.

Halo rings not necessarily should have diamond at its center. Some of the most lovely and exceptional halo rings have colored stones in them. Perhaps the most famous sapphire halo ring belonged to Princess Diana; which is now worn by Kate Middleton.

Customizing the ring
Halo engagement rings can be customized in various ways. The center stone can be bezel set surrounded by diamonds or prong set. Depending on your preferences you can choose other styles too. A classic halo ring offers an enhanced view on traditional solitaire while vintage halo rings highlight elaborate detailing of the band which maximizes brilliance and glamour of the band.

Settings of the ring
One of the benefits of a halo setting is that it can accommodate range of gemstones of various sizes and budgets. Halo setting provides a striking balance of delicateness and boldness when you choose a large focal gemstone. Comparatively smaller center gem is made more prominent when framed by additional sparkle. This gives it a feminine appeal and looks highly appealing.

Celebrities favorite
These engagement rings have been around since Victorian era but have been gaining immense popularity lately. It is preferred by celebrities like Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Underwood, Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Hudson; all wear halo engagement rings.

Selecting an engagement ring is ultimately your decision. You will be wearing it lifelong. Make sure you love it for years to come. With so many varieties available today, ensure that you do your research properly regardless of it being round cut, princess cur or any other cut. Engagement ring will stay with you forever, so let your designer diamond ring be eternally in vogue.