Things Not To Share At Work

It is vital to be friendly, respectful and courteous while working in an office. One needs to be polite and interact with co-workers, boss, juniors, etc. for making a healthy work ambiance and to work efficiently. Most of the times, our colleagues become our friends as we spend most of the time with them. For some, these people become their best friends and they start sharing personal things with them. If the person is trustworthy than its fine, but beware this may hurt your professional life.

Oversharing with the colleagues can hurt your work and career in some ways. You need to maintain a fine line between creating confidence and right sharing. Here are some essential things that you should not share to be safe at work.

Negative thoughts about any colleague or your job
Everyone have a bad experience at their workplace or with their colleague, but disclosing it to another employee at the same place is not right. The things can spread like fire in the forest. So, keep the hard feelings and thoughts about the job or any co-worker up to you.

Discussing health issues
You might be having any bad health history, but discussing it with other employees can cause a bad impact for you and for them as well. At a certain point, you need to share the problems that are vital, but can be done directly with the immediate boss so that you are transparent with the company. If you want to share good health habits like exercising, healthy diet plans that you can do with the interested people. Do not overdo as this may make people unhappy as nobody likes otherandrsquo;s interference in their life.

Money matters
Do not discuss the salaries, how much money you make, how you spend, etc. Such questions are not so liked by individuals at work. If you are having friendly relations and such things are common among your colleagues than its fine, but do not cross your line. Do not try to much interfere in others life as this can reflect bad impression of yours to them.

Family problems and relationship issues
Discussing family problems or relationship issues in the office can cause negative ambiance around your office desk. If you are having any family problems, the office is the place to forget them and concentrate on their things to keep yourself happy. By discussing the negative things in the office, you are making yourself more depressed along with the people surrounded by you.

Controversial opinions
To gain the spotlight or become popular in the office, do not give any opinions that can be controversial. Talking over topics related to religion etc. should be avoided in the office. A polite discussion or conversation is ok, but giving harsh opinions can hurt feelings of others, so avoid such things.