Things Not To Do While Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Keeping your diamond engagement ring as sparkling as the new one is the dream of every individual. For doing so, you need to keep some precautions about the ring. You need to clean it on a regular basis, but do not get hard one it. You might degrade its beauty and glam if not cleaned in a proper manner. Here, are some of the easy and effective tips that you should follow for retaining the sparkling look of your diamond engagement ring.

• Do not use any kind of harsh chemicals or toothpaste for cleaning the ring. Toothpaste is coarse material for stones and can grate the metal and precious gemstone of your ring.

• Do study the labels attached with the distinct jewelry clean-up chemicals and other materials. Know what is safe for your jewelry piece as different rings have different metals and gemstones that required different components to clean the jewelry.

• Do not wash or clean your precious ring over the drain or sink as this increase the chances for the ring to vanish. However, you are careful, but you cannot say any slip or interruption in your concentration from outside may make your ring get drained in the sink or drain.

• Do wash your ring by using warm water, a soft-bristled brush, gentle dishwashing soap, and fabric are enough for easy and effective cleaning. You can soak the ring in warm water with diluted soap in it. After few minutes, you can softly brush over and under the diamond to remove the dust particles hiding its shine. Afterward dab the ring arid with the soft cloth.

• Do not get harsh on your ring and avoid rubbing it hard with a brush or a cloth piece. This increases the chance of making the diamond setting loose and it can get lost or fall out.

• Do take your diamond engagement ring or band for professional cleaning and proper inspection by the expert jeweler, once in a year.

• Do not leave it anywhere after taking out from the finger while doing some sting physical task. Keep it safely in your cupboard or any other secure place.