Things Not To Do At Office

A newbie or an individual with years of experience working in office, there are several things they do at work that affects their image in some ways. Some people do the things unknowingly as they are not aware that such things are not allowed or acceptable at work. While sitting on your office executive chair, consider these things to avoid at work -

Engaging in gossips

Some people like to talk a lot but that can be dangerous for you at work. Gossiping and office politics are common in workplaces. But, excessive involvement and talking behind people can let you down anytime as you cannot trust anyone.

Using bad language

Remember that you are working in a reputed company and your language represents you town and background you belong to. So, avoid using personal comments and bad words for others even when these do not mean anything bad.

Excess of personal calls

Attending urgent all at work are accepted, but always talking on phone can be a bad sign for you. Seniors are always having eye on the activities of their employees, so be alert and try to make personal calls in tea or lunch breaks so your work is not disturbed.

No sharing or contribution

Some people are selfish a-or staying alone kind of nature. They do not like sharing joy with others. They also do not like to participate in any activities in offices. They avoid sharing or contributing financially as well as physically. One should not do such things. Try to be humble and social at workplace.

Boasting about self payments

Some people are very expressive and love to showcase their achievements and salaries. Stop immediately if you are showing off much about your pays. This looks extremely bad.

Poor email etiquettes

Reply to any email has to be in a polite and effective way. Even if you want to reply anything negative or harsh, use precise format and work to maintain your professionalism and etiquettes.

Aggressive behaviour

Don’t be aggressive on other people sitting next to your used office desk or as you need to work with them and maintaining good relation can help in grooming your career.

Disobeying office rules or policies

If you think that rules are made to break, change your thinking as breaking office rules and policies frequently can hurt your reputation and job.

Making fun of others all the time

For entertainment or joy you can have fun with colleagues and if your relation is friendly little leg pulling is good. But, making fun of other all the time is not acceptable.

So, remember the things and make yourself efficient at work.