Summer hair care tips for healthy, beautiful hair

Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

The relentless hustle of modern living often becomes an obstacle, depriving us of the right to tender loving care to our crowning glory. Although our skin occasionally garners attention, our hair must often be accounted for. Like an unattended garden, our hair withers without proper nourishment. The significance of hair care, like skin care, escalates irrespective of the changing seasons, especially when we experiment with different hairdos.

Shower Chills for Lustrous Locks

Shampooing? Rule one, say no to hot water. It's your skin that despises it and your hair and scalp. Cold showers act as a boon for your hair, sealing the cuticles and imparting them a smooth, robust sheen. But keep them from soaking in water too long! It makes them fragile, akin to a brittle piece of glass.

The Heat Quotient

With summer comes an unavoidable surge in temperature. When you style your hair, be mindful of this heat quotient. Opt for products that allow you the luxury to control the heat and are gentle on your locks. Remember your heat protection shield before you step onto the styling battlefield. This precaution will keep hair damage at bay.

Updos: A Summer Blessing

Hairfall, hair breakage, an oily scalp - these summer adversaries send chills down everyone's spine. A simple solution? Try high buns or ponytails! These hairstyles combat the summer issues and offer cooling comfort.

The Magic of Massage and Treatments

Did you know massaging or brushing your hair encourages healthy blood circulation in your scalp, strengthening your hair roots? Do it twice a week. It feeds your hair follicles with nutrients, amplifying their efficiency. Treat your hair to weekly nourishing treatments, revealing radiant, shiny hair.

An Affair with Volume

Who doesn't need a voluminous hairdo, particularly in the crown area? The Flaround Volumizing Brush could be your trusted ally for adding volume to your hair. However, it could steer your bangs away from your face, putting a damper on your desired hairstyle. So here's a tip: layering on the crown area can offer you the desired front styling and showcase volume at the crown area simultaneously.

Strategize, Style, and Secure

After hours of careful styling, a loosening hairstyle or curls can be disappointing. Is it a common problem for you? Then, you need to include an essential step! While styling, employ a lightweight styling spray or cold shot. These will maintain your hairstyle's poise and prevent premature frizzing. Remember these styling mantras:

  • Craft your curls or hairstyle with a styler.
  • Secure your curls or hairstyle with a cold shot.
  • Pinup your curls for a brief 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Finish off the styling with a setting spray.

The Silk Pillow Secret

No matter the season, a silk or satin pillow is an evergreen hair care ally. It helps maintain your hair's texture while tackling hair fall effectively. So, treat your hair to the silken touch of care every night and wake up to healthier, happier hair each day.

The World of Nutrient-Rich Oils

A cornucopia of oils exists, each brimming with nutrients and capable of transforming your hair from dull and lifeless to lively and full of life. Coconut oil is the perfect oil as it offers lauric acid. In addition, it penetrates deep into your hair shaft to nourish from within. Then there's Argan oil, a vitamin E-rich elixir that hydrates your hair while providing a protective barrier against heat and UV damage. Finally, Jojoba golden oil mimics your scalp's natural oil production, reducing excess sebum production and unclogging hair follicles. Oils are the secret potions to unleash your hair's true potential, especially in the harsh summer.


With the blazing sun draining the moisture, the summer months can be harsh for your hair. Hydration is essential here. Invest in a good moisturizing conditioner or a deep conditioning mask to combat dryness. Infuse your hair with an overnight treatment mask once a week to replenish lost moisture and wake up to rejuvenated, soft hair. Drinking plenty of water helps to retain a healthy, moisturized scalp and hair.

The Right Tools for the Task

Good hair care is more than just the right products and proper tools. For example, a wide-toothed comb can help detangle your hair without causing any damage or breakage. Similarly, ionic hairdryers can reduce frizz and increase shine, while a ceramic straightener helps distribute heat evenly, causing less damage. Tools, like products, are crucial to a healthy hair care routine. Choose wisely!

In A Nutshell

In our busy life, we often end up neglecting our tresses. Amid the dizzying whirlwind of commitments, our hair care falls down the pecking order. So, let's break the cycle this summer and shower some much-needed love on our locks. This comprehensive hair care regimen allows your hair to feel the care it rightly deserves. Isn't a happy tress an encouragement of a truly beautiful you? So, give love, attention and care to your hair by following these summer hair care tips and feel beautiful from the inside.