Striking Engagement Ring Settings

Numerous kinds of engagement ring settings are available but one of the most prominent as well as popular is the solitaire. Solitaire setting is timeless and also classic with four corners holding the diamond on the top to permit the light to pass through in order to bring out the dazzling brilliance of the diamond.

Characteristics of Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

Trellis Solitaire Settings: this setting has four prong head along with the round brilliant cut diamond at the center. However, the four corner prong is much smaller than the timeless solitaire setting.

Knife-Edge Solitaire settings: it consists of six prong head in order to grip the round cut diamond wonderfully which can further be also used in brilliant round cut diamond.

Cathedral Solitaire Settings: this kind of setting has two designs, six prong and four prong head. Whereas, the six prong head can be utilized in brilliant round cut diamond and four prong head can be utilized in princess cut diamond.

Contour Solitaire Settings: this kind of settings has four prong heads which can either be white or silver metal or gold that can be utilized in brilliant round cut diamond.

Bezel Set Settings: it is a kind of setting which covers round cut diamond within the edges where the diamond studded at the center is not at all seen.

However, there are various kinds of settings for gemstone rings where the metal utilized in the setting can be white, silver or yellow gold. As there are only certain kinds of settings available which is which is identified differently categorized under engagement rings. One can also purchase such kind of engagement rings through online jewelry stores. Moreover, if one wants to have the engagement rings designed as per their style and taste then they can have the guidance from local jeweler or through online help with suitable metal and pattern of their desire.

Lastly, prior making purchase for anything one need to decide and format the requirements like pricing, diamonds, metal and design which ahs to be utilized in the engagement ring. Everything can be decided as per the consumer’s choice and taste to be satisfied eventually. So choose the best!