Spectacular Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Maximize the beauty of the engagement ring you are going to slip in her finger by choosing a unique ring with cushion cut diamond.

A cushion cut diamond is rectangular or square with gently rounded corners, highlighting the overall brilliance and clarity of the diamond. The sides of the diamond are not straight, the curved outline look likes a pillow, therefore it is named as cushion cut diamonds.

Earlier, before the invention of latest technology to create fine round cut diamonds, such diamonds were well renowned and preferred by people. The popularity of cushion cut diamonds increased in the 1800s as these have the capacity to disperse candlelight marvelously that made it more liked, brilliant and dynamic choice among the different other stones available. It is a classic and timeless shape so surprise your beloved with such an amazing diamond engagement rings.

These are also known as candlelight diamonds or pillow cut diamonds. It presents more lighting standards as offers brilliant shine. Currently, you can get modified cushion cut diamonds with increased brilliance and additional faceting. You get varied choices to pick up from the distinct faceting patterns, each of which offers a unique look including crushed ice, antique, etc.

Whatever your choice in metal is, the diamond has the capacity to sparkle alone and spread a jaw-dropping effect in the ambiance. You can pop the question in moonlight or on a sunny beach as this diamond cut offers breathtaking brilliance and appeal, under the romance of the moonlight and in the light of day. You can order a cushion cut diamond engagement ring for your darling on the online jewelry stores.

On the profound and reliable online jewelry stores, you will get the stunning sparkling diamonds cuts, patterns, and designs to suit your budgets and needs efficiently. You can add a little spice on the ring design by having a cushion cut halo with baguettes and princess at the sides.

So, go and get the best dazzling cushion-cut diamond ring for your beloved to delight her and express your deep love feelings without words.