Solitaire Rings – A Dream of Every Woman

Solitaire Rings – A Dream of Every Woman

The word “solitaire” derives a negative interpretation as it represents the feeling of being alone and lonely. On the other hand, in case of engagement rings it connotes almost a very different meaning. Women love to have plenty of sparkle and quite often it is been selected for the sake of trend and style keeping in mind. Solitaire settings are favorite and popular among woman as it is a single sparkling diamond which highlights the true beauty of the stone.

Diamonds used in rings do not require any companions as they are themselves very brilliant and sparkling though they have numerous inclusions. Those who do not consider technical details of the stone for them flaws do not matter.

Women usually prefer to have solitaire settings as it is very simple and dazzling that has only a single gemstone in the ring, either large or small possessing the main attraction. Women who like to admire color stones like rubies, emeralds and semi-precious ones such as jades and zirconias bring out the charm of the stone on her fingers.

Solitaire rings are very cheap due to the reason of jeweler charging only on the materials required in the formation of the ring and no other additional charges as there are any extra additional pieces required. Solitaire rings are extremely famous that each and every shop has it. Therefore, one doesn’t have to struggle for more designs or styles in the market. Moreover, there are two kinds of settings in solitaire rings i.e. prong and bezel. In prong setting the largeness and the brilliance of the stone is highlighted making adequate light to pass through the stone hence making it appear more sparkling during daytime. In case if the prongs are weak then there are chances of losing the stone without your awareness.

The bezel setting protects the stone due to the metal surrounding to it and can even prevent occurring of flaws of the stone making it more difficult to adjust.