Simply Yet Effective Open Office Etiquettes

The private office space is unrealistic in the present trend of open offices premises. This is good for collaboration, teamwork, but it also becomes a reason for disturbance to others. To survive and work efficiently in such ambiance, you need to follow some open office etiquette. Here, are some simple and efficient tips that can help you in being a powerful, respectable employee of your office.

Respect the co-workers
Whether you are a newbie or working for a long time in the same workplace, you should respect the surrounding people. Whether they are your senior, junior or co-workers talk politely. If you want respect, then first you need to give it.

Keep the voice minimum
You might be having a wonderful mobile ringtone, but try to keep it up to you. It might be disturbing to others. If necessary, go at some other place and talk. This is going to be good for you as well as for surrounding people.

Maintain the virtual walls
The open office may not have the walls and partitions. Still you should maintain privacy of your colleagues. Email or text them so that they should not feel uncomfortable.

For office outfit go with the flow
Selecting the right outfit is important. If you are new to the place, observe the seniors, co-workers, or you can simply consult to the HR department to know about the system. Formal or casual, the choice is yours.

Respect the office furniture
It is your office desk and chair where you spend most of your time, so respect them. You should keep the office desk and chair in proper place after use.

Keep arrogance at bay and learn quietly
You are selected that doesnt mean you know everything. People learn different things at different stages of life. So, dont show arrogance to the colleagues and try to learn new things quietly.

Dont steal from others desk
Pen, sticky notes, notepads are very small office supplies that we generally need in our daily work schedule. These are the same things we easily take from the others desk and forget to give them back or misplace them. Try to avoid such things and be honest.

Keep the odour in control
Do not use very strong or irritating perfumes that might cause problem to your co-workers. Also, avoid bringing food with high fragrance as this might let you down in front of other employees.

Organise your desk
Your desk is your property; still you should keep it organized and tidy. If any individual visited to your place, he/she might make some image of yours in mind. So, your office chairs and desk should reflect good vibes about you among others.

Do not interfere in other life
Every individual have their own life so do not try to put leg in others matter till not asked.

Be hygienic be helpful
Always take care of hygiene and ready to help others. Helping others when needed will not harm you or lessen your knowledge. In fact, it will increase your respect in their eyes.