Significance Of Promise Ring

Promise ring defines enduring commitment. Exchanging promise ring is a symbol of commitment and it is the first step towards being together. You just need few ideas on how to present promise ring to your loved one. Some couples consider the exchange of promise ring as a pre-engagement trial. It definitely is much more than a simple designer ring and has a lot of significance attached to it.

A lot of couples consider promise ring as a sign of undying commitment while an engagement is being planned. This can also be considered as an alternative to engagement and wedding ceremonies for couples who don’t plan to get married soon.

It can be given with lengthy speech or few words. The choice is completely on the requirements and situation of the couple.

Wordings that you can use

The choice of words is completely yours. You are in the better position to judge what the ring means to you and how you want to go ahead with your relationship. Here is a list of words you can say in case you can’t come up with something distinctive.

  • Please accept the symbol of love until we get married.
  • This ring indicates I will forever be faithful to you.
  • Wear this ring as a symbol of our eternal love.
  • This ring means I promise to love you till death makes us apart.
  • I will be there for you.
  • You are the only one I will love ever.
  • We are not just lovers but best friends for life.

How to choose your approach

When deciding to give promise ring you can select a date which has a significance attached to you. Unlike a marriage or engagement ceremony, this is going to remain a private affair. Just the two of you will witness this special occasion. There is no need of formal arrangements or grand speeches. Instead select the words that reflect your relationship and personality.

Write a short speech

Couples do like the formality of writing short speech while giving a promise ring. This helps you from being tongue tied or forgetting some words. Bear in mind that this isn’t a competition and you don’t have to be perfect. The only thing that matters here is your honesty and your emotions. You can also write few words on a card and present it to her.

Be natural

The best thing while gifting anything is to be spontaneous. You don’t have to think about what to say and how to approach. Just go with the flow, listen to your heart and nothing can go wrong.

Apart from these you can also consider the following:

  • Write romantic songs on card.
  • Sing a romantic song and play a guitar (if you can).
  • Recite a beautiful poem.
  • Recite romantic quotations.

Let the words flow and focus on the promise

Giving a promise ring is itself a bigger and special occasion that you will be cherishing for life. What you say to your partner and how she reciprocates is also worth remembering. Let your feelings flow and don’t keep yourself in a shell. Speak your heart out and surely this will be one of the best moments of your life.